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When god gives us “no” for an answer.
Keep in mind that there is a much greater “yes”
His no is not a rejection.
But a redirection
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I think u r very careless!!!
U come & leave things behind!!!!
See now what u have left??
U just came in my mind &
Left a smile on my face….
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Science has proved that sugar melts in water,
So please don’t walk in rain,
Otherwise i will lose such a sweet friend like u
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A life without you means:
L = loss in life
I = inactive life
F = failure in life
E = end of my life
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Am i cute? Test
Call, if i m cute
Miss call, if i m gorgeous
Text back if i m pretty
Text a joke if i m charming
Just ignore if u r jealous
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I’m on a mission!
Mission to avoid you,
To forget you,
To not to talk to you,
To not to think about you anymore…
In short…
Mission impossible!!!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

In my life i learned how…
2 love
2 smile
2 be happy
2 be strong
2 work hard
2 be honest
2 be faithful
2 forgive but
I couldn’t learn how.. 2 stop rembering u.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Care is the sweetest form of love.
When someone says “take care”
It really means that
You will stay in one’s heart
Till its last beat.
So, take care.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Friendship is something that no1 can hate,
Friendship is a passion we can never rate;
Friendship can happen anytime early or late,
Friendship is only medicine, without expiry date.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Friends change, i know they do..
But this friend will always belong to you..
Friends hurt i know they do..
But this friend gets hurt more without you!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If u r 2 b paid $1000
For each kind act u’v ever done,
And 2 collect $500
For each unkind act of yours,
Would u b rich or poor?
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I have a new kodak camera
Ur snap please…
Don’t move
Ohh ho
Those who live in ones heart cant have a snap!!!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I feel happy.
Do u know y?
Coz i'm lucky
U know y?
Coz god loves me
U know how?
Coz god send me a wonderful friend
U know who?
Its u!!!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

What is d meaning of sms ?
Share my sweetness,
Search my soul,
Seek my sweet heart,
Succeed my smartness,
See my smile,
So keep sending sms.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

In life there r 5 perfect
Things u should never lose -
Self respect
Heart &
Well, u know my name:)
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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