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Sweet candies are
Nice to eat
Sweet words are
Easy to say
But, sweet people are
Hard to find
Oh my god!
How did you find
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Miss me or hate me
Both r in my favor,
If u miss me
I’ll always b in ur heart,
If u hate me
I’ll always b in ur mind
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Even if your sms is not received,
I think you sent but its not delivered.
Even if you are not calling,
I think you are trying but
The network is busy.
Believing is most important in friendship
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Let the most beautiful
Dream come to u tonight,
Let the sweetest person
Come in ur dream tonight….
But dont make it a habit
Bcoz i m not free every night.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.
Asked me you want a million dollar or a good friend?
I had to choose million dollars because, i already have you…
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Birth is like a dot.
Life is like a line.
Love is like a triangle.
But friendship is like a circle,
Because circles don’t have an end.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Those innocent eyes,
Those kissable lips,
A great smile the perfect walk,
Smoothest talk, absolute gorgeous,
Thats enough about me …
How about you ?
~ Decent SMS Text Message

It seems to fine,
Sending a lovely line,
The world is mine,
The whole will be shine,
Good night
~ Decent SMS Text Message

We spend our days
Waiting for the ideal path
To appear in front of us.
But what we forget that,
Paths are made by walking.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

U want and u get that is luck,
U want and u wait that is time,
U want but u compromise that is life
And u want but u sacrifice that is love
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Always try to prove that you are right but,
Never attempt to prove that others are wrong.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Everything in this world is so fine,
But everything in this world is not mine,
But there is one thing that is pure & divine.
Your friendship & lucky to be mine.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

To laugh until it hurts ur stomach
To clear you last exam
To receive a call from someone, you don’t see a lot, but u want to
To hear accidental that somebody said something good of you
To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep a couple of hours
To hear something that makes [...]
~ Decent SMS Text Message

In this world people will alwayz throw stones in the path of ur success..
It depends on u..
What u make from them a wall or a bridge..
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A race between love and friendship.
Who will win….?
None of them.
You know why….?
Because friendship always compromises
And love always sacrifices.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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