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Words and hearts
Should be handled carefully,
Because words when
Spoken &
Hearts when
Are the hardest things to repair
~ Decent SMS Text Message

When you give your heart
When time comes for you to give your heart to someone,
Make sure you select someone who will never break your heart,
Because broken hearts has never spare parts
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A beautiful thought.
Always learn the wisdom of compromise,
Its better to bend a little
Rather than
To break any relation forever.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Sleeping lion is better than a barking dog
Sleeping student is better than a barking teacher
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Wen nites r long & frinds r few,
I sit by my window & think of u....
A silent whisper a silent tear....
With all my heart i wish u were here
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Don’t be too good, i will miss you.
Don’t be too caring, i might like you.
Don’t be too sweet, i might fall for you.
It’s hard for me to love you,
When you won’t love me after all…
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.
That is why it is called “the
Live in “the present and make
Your life beautiful today
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Heartbeats are countless
Spirits are ageless
Dreams are endless
Memories are timeless
A friend like you
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Life is like a movie:
If you are sad its drama
If you are afraid its suspense
If you are angry its action
If you look in the mirror its comedy
Now you are smiling its (horror)
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Life is all about 3 things.
Winning, loosing and sharing.
Winning others heart.
Loosing bad things.
Sharing happy moments.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Happiness keeps u sweet,
Sorrows keep u human failure keeps u humble,
Success keeps u glowing
God keeps u going.
Have a blessed life!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Life is not a rehearsal.
Each day is a new show.
No repeat, not rewind, not retake.
So give your best shot
In all your acts.
As the show goes on and on.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

In this world,
Where everything seems uncertain,
Only one thing is definite.
You’ll always be my friend,
Beyond words, beyond time &
Beyond distance!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A short but true message
For leading a good life.
Care should be in heart not in words and
Anger should be in words not in heart.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A golden message for youngsters.
A bright future can give u many beautiful girls.
But a beautiful girl cannot give u a bright future!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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