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Flower says:touch me not
Message says:erase me not
Time says:waste me not
And i says............
Forget me not
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Never waste an opportunity
To say i love you
To someone you really like.
Because, it is not everyday
You will meet the person
Who has the magic
To let you fall in love.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Always draw a circle
Around the ones you love,
Never draw a heart because
Hearts can be broken,
But circles are never ending.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

5 greatest words : i dun wanna lose u.
4 pleasant words : i care for u.
3 sweet words : i admire u.
2 wonderful words : miss u.
1 most important word : u
~ Decent SMS Text Message

This is the telephone terrorist team.
While receiving this message a virus will be activated.
This virus should have infected your mobile by now.
Your mobile will be disabled, unless you are ugly.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

To luv some1 is madness,
2b loved by some1 is a gift,
Loving some1 who loves u is a duty,
But being loved by some1 whom u luv is life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Smile for the ones you love…
A simple smile is all it takes to make one happy…
Love can come in many different ways, shapes n sizes …
But a simple smile will conquer everything …
And leave the best of us speechless …
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Never look 4 beauty,it will fade away 1 day.
Never look4 good skin,it will grow old 1 day.
But look 4 a loyal heart which will miss u everyday!!.. . . .
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Rain is not only drops of water.
It is the love of sky for earth.
They never meet each other,
But send love this way.
Enjoy the love of nature.
Happy rainy day.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Near ones are not dear &
Dear ones are not near..
It is easy to remember the near ones
But very difficult to forget the dear ones.!!!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Love and death are 2 un-invited guests
When will they come nobody knows
But both have similar effects
One takes the heart &
Other takes its beats.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

To understand a misunderstanding is a an understanding in friendship
But to have no misunderstanding is the most understood friendship….
~ Decent SMS Text Message

We meet 2 create memories n we depart 2 preserve them,
2 meet n depart is the way of life,
But 2 depart n meet is hope of life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Everything is incomplete without me
Even this ..ssage!
So dont forget me.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Silent lips may avoid many problems,
But smiling lips may solve many problems,
So always have a smile on ur face
In the beautiful journey called life
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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