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Do u know whats a b c d e f g?
A boy can do everything for girl
Now reverse da order, can u guess the full form of: g f e d c b a ?
Girls forgets everything done & catches (new) boy again.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Flowers need sunshine,
Violets need dew,
All angels in heaven know i need u.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If anyone ever asked me what the statement ‘life is beautiful’ meant to me,
I’d just put my arm around your shoulder, hold you close to me & say this is it.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Marco polo said:
U can not
Change ur
But u can
Change ur habits….
Surely ur habits will
Ur future
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Relationship is like a book,
It may take few seconds to burn
But years to write.
Write it carefully and never let it burn!!
Always be happy !!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Today’s weather forecast.
It would be cloudy if you frown,
Rainy if you cry,
Clear if you are happy,
Sunny if you smile and stormy if you sing.
~~~good morning~~~
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A new sun
A new day
A new sms
Asking u to
4get all ur
& tears
For some1
Who wants to see
U always happy
~ Decent SMS Text Message

24 sweet hrs make 1 sweet day
7 sweet days make 1 sweet week
4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month
But …..
1 sweet person like u makes life sweet
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Heart is like a crystal, preserve it.
Love is like perfume, spread it.
Feelings are like flood, flow it.
Friendship is like an umbrella,
Come lets share it.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

My smile + my joy + my
Pleasure + my life + my relief
+ my honour & my pride =
Your 1 sms.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Life is a journey that is not meant to be made safely.
I want to live my life in a way
That when i get really old,
I look back at my life and say:
Aah i lived it, not survived it.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Let all my smile be yours
All your tears be mine,
Let all my happiness be yours
All your sadness be mine,
Let the whole world be yours,
Only you be mine…
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Every one has his hands in gloves
And those gloves are in his pockets.
But i with my cold hands
Trying to compose a sms and
Want to tell you
Winter can’t stop our friendship
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
Every silence is sign of lonliness,
Every smile is sign of kindness,
Every sms is sign of remembrance.
Miss you always.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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