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Laughter is the jam on the toast of life,
It adds flavor keeps it from being too dry &
Makes it easier to swallow lifes sorrows.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Everybody seems to
Be special at first sight,
But only the special ones
Maintain their level of dignity
Till the last sight of the life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I asked myself how to handle life’s affairs.
My room gave me perfect answer.
Roof said: aim high
Fan: be cool
Clock: value time
Calendar: be up 2 date
Wallet: save now 4 future
Mirror: observe yourself
Wall: share other’s load
Window: expand the vision
Floor: always be down 2 earth
~ Decent SMS Text Message

The person who loves you,
Will fight with you more…
But if you drop a tear,
He will fight the world,
To stop your tears.
So never losing the person who loves you.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Memories play very confusing role.
Make you laugh when you remember
The time you cried together.
But make you cry when you remember
The time you laughed together.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Today is international handsome boys
And beautiful girls day!
So send this message to someone
Who looks smart and cute…
Be true.. Don’t cheat like me
~ Decent SMS Text Message

We love ourselves even after
Making so many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others
For their one mistakes.
Seems strange but true.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Do not define your failure
By looking at somebody’s success.
Also do not define your success
By looking at somebody’s failure.
Set your own targets every day!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

God in heaven,
God above
Please protect the one i love,
Sent with a smile,
Sealed with a kiss,
I love the one who is reading this
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Relationship is like a garden
It’s beautiful when watered with
Tears &
But it dries up if left untouched
Stay in touch with your love ones
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If you cannot be a pencil to write anyones happiness
Then try at least to be a nice eraser to erase everyones sorrows .
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Some day when the book of my life ends.
I know you’ll be one of its most beautiful chapter.
If ever i get to read the book again,
I’ll open it from the page we met.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Whenever u want
To know how rich u r?
Don’t count ur money!
Just drop a tear &
Look around at the
Number of hands that
Reach out to wipe your tears
~ Decent SMS Text Message

For me you are as…
Ches for pizza…
Passport for visa…
Butter for bread…
Ice for freezer…
Cream for cake…
Water for lake…
Leaf for tree…
A friend like you is forever for me!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

See the clöck only,
When yöu have nö work.
But dönt see the clöck,
When you are wörking.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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