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What’s the difference between
Friend and blood…?
Blood enters the heart and flows out.
But friends enter the heart and stay forever..!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

True friends are like mornings,
U cant have them the whole day,
But u can be sure,
They will be there when u wakeup
Tomorrow, next year and forever.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If someone points out your mistakes,
Be happy that atleast someone is
Interested in what you have done.
Always try to prove
That you are right
But never attempt to
Prove that others are wrong.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I may not always text you,
But our distance makes me miss you.
I may not always stay in touch,
But i care for you very much.
I may not always stop to say hi,
But i hope never to say good bye.
I may not prove to be the perfect friend,
But i hope the friendship we share,
Never reaches an end….
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I pray for you
A life that you truly deserve
A life as good as your heart
A life as bright as your smile &
A life as wonderful as your dream
~ Decent SMS Text Message

God has deposited
Love,joy,prosperity ,peace,laughter
Plus all kinds of blessings
In your atm account.
Use without limit.
The pin code is
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Colors may fade,
The sun may not shine,
The moon may not be bright,
Heartbeats may stop,
Lives may pass but our friendship,
I’ll treasure till the day my heart stops.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Love is like a mountain,
Hard to climb,
But once you get to the top
The view is beautiful
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Birth is the “start of life”
Beauty is the “art of life”
Love is the “part of life”
Death is the “last of life”
But friend like you is the “heart of life”
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Roses are famous for grace,
Advocates are famous for case,
Horses are famous for race,
But u r famou 4 your smile on ur face
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Hate but love more
Order but agree more
Talk but listen more
Punish but forgive more
Then people will love you forever
Try it…..
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Each drop of a tear is costly
Than anything in world..
No one knows its value until
They have it in their own eyes for someone!!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

You know who is the best couple in the world?
Smile & tears
Rarely , they r seen together but
When they combine its the best moment of ur life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Space seems like an empty word,
But its full of … special
People around caring endlessly
Thank u for being
A part of my space
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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