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I may not be
The most important person in your life…
I just hope that
One day when
You hear my name
You would just
Smile & say
“hey thats my friend”
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Management fundamental for success.
“if you don’t like any rule,
Just follow it, reach the top
And change the rule.”
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If a paper comes very tough in exam.
Just close your eyes for a moment.
Take a deep breath and say loudly.
This is a very interesting subject,
I want to study it again.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A smile gives red color to your cheeks,
White to your teeth,
Pink color to your lips,
Silver color to your eyes,
So keep smiling and
Enjoy the colors of life
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Keep your head up so that
People know you are afraid of no one.
But keep your eyes down so that
You are known to be a respectable person.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Always remeber money isn’t everything.
But make sure that,
You’ve made a lot of it,
Before talking such nonesense
Bill gates.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Relationship is like a violin,
Music may stop now n then,
But strings are attached forever.
So if u r in touch or not,
U r always remembered.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Lot of things go
Lot of things
Some feelings r
Burried alive…
Some are born dead.
“this is life”
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Thought for the day
Always be the reason of someone’s happiness never just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s sadness never the reason for it.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Ur aim in life shud b 54321..
Shockd !!
I mean
5- five digit salary
4- four wheeler vehicle
3- three room flat
2- two cute children &
1- one sweetheart
~ Decent SMS Text Message

What is the diff between pleasure and torture? Pleasure
Is thinking of u & torture is thinking of u 2 much.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Never reject a day in your life.
Because: good day gives you happiness
And bad day gives you experience.
Both are essential in life.
Enjoy everyday of your life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Sincere pray to god!!!
Oo! God i do not askthing for me
I want something 4 my mother
Just send my mother a rich handsom n good looking
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Ultimate truths….!
1. Whenever i find the key to success,
Someone changes the lock.
2. The road to success is always under construction.
3. In order to get a loan,
You 1st need to prove that you don’t need it.
4. All the desireable things in life are,
Either illegal or expensive.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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