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Making a million friends is not an achievement,
The achievement is to make
A friend who will stand by you
When a million are against you….!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Someday you may lose your hair.
You may lose your teeth- oyur money & even lose your mind.
But 1 thing you will never loose is oyur good looks.
Because you cant lose what you don’t have!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I smile at whom i like
I cry for whom i care
I share with whom i love
I laugh with whom i enjoy,
I sms only to those whom i never want to loose.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Be like a candle
Which burns itself
But gives light to others
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Our life begins with our cry…
Our life ends with other’s cry…
Utilize this gap & laugh
As much as possible between these cries…
Keep smiling.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Just go to hell
Yes you
U only !
Only you can change
Hell into heaven
By your sweetness.!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Silence & smile are two powerful tools.
Smile is the way to solve many problems. &
Silence is the way to avoid many problems.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Smile is a language of love,
Smile is a source to win heart,
Smile is a name of lovely mood,
Smile create greatness in personality
So keep smiling
~ Decent SMS Text Message

In our life
Happiness is more important than smile
Coz smile comes from lips but
Happiness comes from the heart
So be happy forever
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Friendship is like the relation between “hand and the eyes”
Its like when hand gets hurt the eyes cry,
When eyes cry the hand wipes its tears…
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I am happy, you know why?
Because i am lucky, you know why?
Because god loves me, you know how?
He sent a good friend to me, you know who?
“it’s you”
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Always remember,
A true friend is someone who
Reaches for your hand and touches your heart
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Is like a river
Which have many turns
So enjoy every turn
These turns never return..
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Life is all about a card game.
Choosing the right cards is not in our hand.
But playing well with
The cards in hand, determines our success
~ Decent SMS Text Message

I “pray” “for” “you”
A life that you truley “deserve”
A life as good as your “heart”
A life as bright as your “smile”
A life as wonderful as “yoy”
Good morning
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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