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When someone hurts you and you didn’t hurt back
When someone shouts at you and you didn’t shout back
When someone needs you
You always come back
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Feel good when somebody miss u.
Feel better when somebody loves u.
But feel best when somebody never forgets u.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Love is life &
If u miss love
U miss life
Love is amazing
Love is divine
It is every thing
That makes life worthwhile.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

U r genius, ur mind is a master piece.it is divided into
Left and right.in the left part nothing is right and in
Right part nothing is left.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A trainee in a big multinational companay,
Dialed c.e.o. by mistake and said:
"hey send a hot coffee in accounts dept, in 2 mins".
C.e.o. shouted: “do u know with whom u are talking ?”
Trainee : “no.”
C.e.o: “i am c.e.o. of the company”.
Trainee in the same tune: “do u know with whom u are talking ?”
C.e.o : “no.”
Trainee said: “thanx god”
& disconnected the phone!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Love your friends,
As they love u,
But never hate them when they hate u,
Give your smile to everyone but give your heart to only 1
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Never cry for those who
Donot deserve ur tears but
Who deserve your tears never let you cry
~ Decent SMS Text Message

The smile is like a simcard & life is like cellphone,
Whenever u insert the simcard of a smile,
A beautiful day is activated keep smiling.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Remember me and bare in mind a faithful girl is hard to
Find this is always good and true so dont go changing
Old for new!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Strong and true relationship is not about
Whom you have known the longest..!
Who came 1st or who cares the best..!
It’s all about who came and never left…!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Smile in pleasure
Smile in pain
Smile when trouble pours like rain
Smile when someone hurts u
Smile because someone
Still loves to see u smiling
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Keep the smile,
Leave the tear,
Think of joy,
Forget the fear ,
Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain,
Be jouyous till i sms again.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Butterflies dont know
In what color theirâ wings r
But human eyes know how nice-it is.
Likewise u dont knw how sweet u r
But i know how special u r 2 me!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A race horse that consistently
Runs just 1 second faster
Than others is worth millions of dollars more.
Don’t compromise on 2nd position in life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Happiness as light as air
Love as deep as ocean
Friends as solid as dimonds
And success as bright as gold
These are my wishes for you
Today and everyday.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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