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We have known each other by chance,
Became friends by choice,
Still friends by decision.
And when we say friends forever,
That’s definitely a lifetime promise!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If i could give you a gift.
I would give you the ability to see yourself,
The way i see you,
So that you would know… what a wonderful
“friend you are”
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Big fights usually break the realations
But minor misundrstndngs spoil the relations,
And the fact is spoiled relations are
More painful than broken ones..
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If time doesn’t wait for you,
Don’t worry!
Just remove the battery from the clock
And enjoy life…!
Great people great thoughts
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Shoot for the moon,
Even if u miss, u
Will land amongst the stars
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Vacancy available
Post = true friend
Ability = (loving & caring)
Experience= (not required)
Duty = (two sms daily)
Salary= (never ending love)
To apply..
Send a sweet sms
~ Decent SMS Text Message

If friendship is your weakest point
You are the strongest person in the world.
Makes freinds and enjoy your life.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

S: sets u free,
M: makes u special,
I: increases ur face value,
L: lifts up ur spirits,
E: erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling.
Niece na
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Under the sea, there lays a rock.
In the rock, there is an envelope.
In the envelope, there is a paper.
On the paper, there are 3 words... 'I miss you'
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A simple way for
Happy living..
Forget 2 things in life.,
1) the good you do for others.
2) the bad done by others 2 you.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

When the time comes for you to give
Your heart to someone,
Make sure that u select someone who
Will never break your heart,
Coz broken hearts have no spare parts.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Life is like a book,
Each day a new page with
Adventures to experience,
Lesson to learn & gud deeds 2 replicate.
Have a color page everyday
~ Decent SMS Text Message

A friend is never a coincidence in your life.
They are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter.
So i will treasure the friendship between us…
~ Decent SMS Text Message

Today she was asking me your details.
I gave her your cell number.
She will be visiting u soon.
Her name is
* smile *
I think she came just now!
~ Decent SMS Text Message

What’s greater than mother’s love…?
Which pillow is better than a loved one’s lap…?
What’s warmer than father’s hug…?
What’s sweetest than a baby’s kiss..?
Who’s company is better than a friends..?
What’s tastier than mother’s cooking…?
There are somethings in life
Which have no substitutes.
Value them.
~ Decent SMS Text Message

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