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“Worries are just like birds
Let them fly over you..
But don’t let them build a nest on your head..
“Keep Smiling always”…!!!
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Smile Is
Its Sword
Keep SmiLing
~ Smile SMS Text Message

A gUN kILL s0mEoNe
FIrE cAn bUrN s0mEoNe
wINd cAn cHILL
AngEr cAn rAgE tILL It tEarS y0u aPart
BUt p0wEr oF y0uR sMILe cAn HeAL A fr0zEn HeArt . . . . . /
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Life is like cotton dont make it heavier by sinking it in sorrow of water...
But make it lighter by letting it blow in the joy of air.... Alwayz smile.
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Nothing Comes Free Of Cost In Dis World Including My Message;
So I?ve Decided 2 Charge 4 My Messages;
& D Price Is
Ur Expenensive SmiLe
~ Smile SMS Text Message

U Maybe Tired of many greetings like
Gud Morning
Gud Noon
Hav A nice day
& so on . . .
" Can U smile 4 me once :-) "
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Can Be Satisfying Than Honor ?
More Precious Than Money ?
More Heart-Cleansing Than Prayer ? =)
Keep Laughing .
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Silent lips may avoid many problems,
But smiling lips may solve many problems,
So always have a smile on ur face
In the beautiful journey called “LIFE”
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Did u know that tears can sometime be more special than smiles?
For smiles can be given to any one but tears are only shed for people we dont want to lose...
~ Smile SMS Text Message

All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me All I wanted was sum1 who’d b there 4 me All I ever wanted was sum1 who’d b true All I ever wanted was sum1 like U…
~ Smile SMS Text Message

If at times you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial
Above the clouds there’s a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Smile a while,
& when U smile,
Smile another smile
& soon there will b miles
& miles of smile
Bcoz you smiled .
I wish your day is full of SMILE
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Do u know the relation betwin smile & ur face !
Ur face look good with a smile
Looks more good when its on ur face so keep smiling
~ Smile SMS Text Message

Smile is d best credit card coz-
1- Accepted worldwide
2- Auto reload
3- Unlimited usage
4- No payment at all
5- Makes everyone happy..
So keep smiling! :-)
~ Smile SMS Text Message

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